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Bali is fully depended on tourism. Since over two month there is no tourism anymore and so there is no income. The official help is going extremely slow and many people are not eligible to get help, as they are from the wrong areas of Indonesia. Yes, that’s correct, unfortunately.

As we are working mainly with local partners in good times, we think it it our duty to help our local partners and friends in times of needs.

A couple of days ago we started asking for your help for the local people on Bali and Lembongan. More specific the people you know and who have given you a wonderful time during your stay here. Think of the driver, the men on the diving/snorkeling boat, the men who helped you with your transfers between the islands.

We know them in person and they have real difficulties to survive these days. We’re glad with the response and donations we’ve had so far, but this Covid-19 is not gone yet and we like to continue helping while it’s needed.

For € 30,- a family of 4 will have food for 2 weeks and sometimes longer.

We realize that the Corona lock-down affects the world. But please remember those days you spend with us and help us to help the people here. Your donations are welcomed with the description Bali/Lembongan Corona Aid. We distribute directly without any organisation involved. With the ear on the ground we listen to villagers to learn who is most in need. So far we collected almost € 2.000 and handed it out almost completely. That’s why we hope to get so more to help the ones in need.

Thank you so much and please be aware your donation will be well spent.

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  • Dutch Bank:

Name of Beneficiary: Marianne S. Aalders
Country: Netherlands
Bank Name: SNS Bank
IBAN No : NL51SNSB0950175544

  • Indonesian Bank:

Name of Beneficiary: Marianne Simone Aalders
Country: Indonesia
Bank Name: Bank Mandiri
Account Number: 1450 0118 43444