Who and what we are

And how it came to what we do today:

DIVE IN CULTURE consists of Marianne Aalders and Jurgen Koch, 2 laptops and a (meanwhile large) team of local partners. We have both been in Asia for over 11 years  working in the dive industry in different countries.

Since 5 years we are now in Indonesia and have specialized in the region of Bali and the surrounding islands. We both live on Nusa Lembongan, a beautiful island just 35 minutes from Bali.

The idea behind DIVE IN CULTURE came from recognizing that all the tips we passed on to customers were more than gratefully received.

– “Did we know that before ….” – “Why did not we ask you before …” are the sentences that we have heard far too often.

From these statements emerged the idea and philosophy of DIVE IN CULTURE to convey our concentrated insider knowledge collected over the years and to make your holiday come true.

The travel offer for Bali is getting bigger and bigger and consists not only of Ubud, Canggu, Seminjak and Nusa Dua. Everyone knows these places and everyone claims that Bali is completely overrun. Our main focus is therefore to sell the other Bali, which is still there and is only slowly becoming known to tourists.

We’ve already tried all the hotels we offer ourselves, with all the dive bases we have already dived and for our drivers we put our hands on the fire. We only offer what we personally consider to be good and that seems to be what customers really value.

Unlike the usual package holidays, we plan together with you the individual and tailoredtrip to your personal preferences. This unique concept of individual travel means that you never feel left alone – before, during or after your vacation. We filter out what customers do not like and what they prefer and put together based on a first offer, which is then adjusted so that in the end THE holiday arises, the customers have imagined.

That’s where our fine work begins. Whether Full vacation, diving, snorkeling, trekking, beach, mountains or or or, we have a solution for everything. Our idea is to work together with smaller local companies who also focus on individual travelers and can offer even more with their knowledge. Our holiday planning begins on arrival and ends with departure. We do everything, you only need to book your flights.

Are you looking forward to finding a ready-made selection of offers in the mailbox in the evening or at the weekend, where you can then browse in peace?

Did we make you curious? Then let us know what you want to do on you next holiday and we get in contact as soon as possible. Or you check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

Sampai Jumpa Lagi – See you soon!